Rank Higher in Google With Your Website

Rank Higher in Google With Your Website

Getting higher in Google by applying certain techniques to your website, it is possible! If you work with WebSouls UK, your website will quickly rise in the organic search results of Google, the techniques we apply include: website optimization, content optimization and link building. Contact us for more information or an appointment without obligation.

Optimizing your website is a profession in itself

The Google search engine uses a variety of methods to determine which pages are displayed first in its results. Google’s exact formula is a secret, but you can get higher in Google with your website because there are a few things you can do to improve your ranking. If you do not want to start it yourself, have your website optimized by our SEO expert. We will make your website easier to find! Our team consists of people with 20 years of experience in web design and search engine optimization. Many companies in Flanders choose WebSouls UK as a consultancy for their search engine marketing and meanwhile score high in Google with their website.

Here we give some tips to appear higher in Google

Higher in Google Search Words

A keyword is generally a word that you think someone will type in to find your products or services in search engines. Google ranks thousands of websites per search query based on hundreds of factors. A search can consist of a single keyword (keyword) or a combination of words. Search words must appear in your own content. Don’t overdo it or you will spam. The more keywords a person uses, the better Google can understand the query. As a result, the person gets better results (and thus gets a quicker answer to his question). The use of multiple keywords in a search is therefore a large and growing trend.

Keyword Density

Keyword density is a percentage that indicates how often a word or a combination of words (a search term) occurs on a page in relation to the total number of words, including all menu items and other text elements on a page. Keyword density is an important metric for search engines, because it allows you to determine the content of the page and the main theme. In this way, a search engine determines the relevance of the page for that keyword and the page will appear higher or lower in the search results based on relevance when a search is made for that word.

Give Your Page a Name

Give the <title> of your pages a good description. This is very important because Google often displays the search results with a link with the title of the web pages. A link called “untitled” is not tempting, and no one will click on it. Always include the keyword of the page in the title.

Google looks at the hyperlinks on your website, Google looks at the words to determine the content of your page. Use links within a web page as a way to highlight keywords. Instead of saying, “Click here to learn more about SEO” you should say: Learn more about SEO. Links from other websites to your website are used to determine PageRank. You can improve your PageRank by exchanging links with other relevant websites. Banners exchanges are not effective, and definitely don’t pay for links. this service is often known as spammers who lower your website. You can’t overdo it with links. A page that consists of nothing else as links is considered spam.

Social Media

Social media is a great way to promote a website, but it’s still unclear how much it will affect your rating. Google+ promotion can have the most impact. That said, you may find that much of your traffic comes from social networks, make the content more socially friendly by adding images, for example, and giving the content interesting titles.

Make your photos more user-friendly

Name your photos, use the keyword name. Google cannot read photos, so put text on each photo.

Good Design is a Popular design

In the end, strong, well-organized pages are pages that Google tends to rank higher. They are also pages that tend to become more popular, which means that Google will rank them even higher. Keep good design in mind when you go, and a lot of the SEO will design yourself.

Improving your site on Google

Google ranks a web page based on a variety of factors. Exactly what these factors are remains a trade secret, but there are a number of techniques that guarantee a better ranking.

Links to your website

One of the factors that determine that a web page is “important” to Google that is the number of links that point to that page. For example, if your page has 100 quality links, that page will be ranked higher in Google. But what determines theQuality? Actually, they are links from other popular pages, that is, pages that themselves have many quality links, it is circular. And it is possible that the search engine takes into account other factors that determine the quality of a link. In any case, Google generally ranks your pages based on the number of links that link to your website.

Title tag

Google pays attention to the title of your page. By title, I mean the text sandwiched between the HTML <TITLE> tags in the <head> section of your web page. If you have a web editor that automatically adds a title as “New Document”, don’t forget to change the title. Otherwise, your website will not appear in the search results when someone searches for “a particular title”.

Note: by “keywords”, I mean the words people use when searching for your site. For example, if your site is selling bicycles then “bicycles” is a keyword, because that is the word that people will type when looking for a bicycle.

Your page must contain the keyword that people are looking for

If you want your website to be ranked higher in Google on eg the word maintain bikes, those words must actually be on your page. Think from a search engine point of view. Some people think that their website will automatically rank in search engines, but it doesn’t work that way. It makes sense if the word does not appear in your text, a search engine cannot know that that page is about that topic! A search engine is not a person who can draw conclusions from the general tone and content of a page. A text must be written in the right way with the correct keywords in the content, use synonyms if you want to compete with other sites that are specifically high on that keyword.

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